from Kalurikoja forest cabin to Säärenina

Chaffinches sing over my head in the morning.
I continue the same forest path until Poama. The marked cycle road has now also found it. Less ups and downs today. The forest is not shaggy and mysterious anymore but just beautiful. Strait pines, lower firs and blueberries below.
Good-looking beach and large campsite in Luidja. Lot of bustling going on on the campsite. Ants run every direction, some carrying loads, some empty-mouthed. An ant finds a twig which is too heavy for him to move. Another ant arrives. Some negotiations, some digging next to the twig and with united effort the twig starts moving towards the nest. While I have a snack it moves about half a meter. A few dozen meters still to the nest. I suppress the wish to lift the twig together with the ants to the nest. Ants would hardly appreciate the option to laze in the sun for the rest of the day.
Detour through Kõrgessaare. I’m running out of drink and need an ice-cream of course as well.
Wind fights back. Hiiumaa’s own Eiffel tower by the road.
Tahkuna lighthouse looks impressive already from far. Impressive is also the wind blowing by the tower. I still don’t enjoy being in a narrow high thing with this wind. The phobia has a name for sure. Below the tower is a café with newspaper reading option. Read eagerly a few articles and then look at the date. May 24. The ticket seller has a good taste in music.
Through forest and military ruins is a path to Lehtma. Sea roars but there’s no wind between the trees. Giant piles of timber near Lehtma, some of these look pretty old.
Tõrvanina comes sooner than expected. Wild wind. Clouds gather but stay above the sea.
From Tõrvanina goes a hiking trail to Kärdla. This I found during a previous visit. A nice path covered in pine needles. On about half the way it changes into a wooden trail. I didn’t go so far last time. A portion of the path has fallen into a stream. It takes quite of an balancing act to get over the hole with a loaded bicycle. Sun comes out. After a while there’s a sign saying that the trail is closed due to bad technical condition. A part of the trail feels like a swing, some planks are missing, some are awry. Real adventure trail. In one place I stumble and am about to fall but luckily there’s a water pipe under the trail where I can step to prevent the accident. It is possible to get to Kärdla.
People of Kärdla all smile and greet me. What has happened, is everybody already looking for me because of yesterday’s break-in? I try to act normally and go to a café near the central square for pancakes. A lovely café.
Continuing from Kärdla bicycle route nr 305 has been drawn again on my planned itinerary. It’s a cool road. To Hausma, circle around Kärdla airport, Hiiessaare, Kukka, Kõlunõmme, taking water from Partsi stream, grassy road until Suuresadama.
Säärenina campsite. Have a dip in the sea for hygiene. Wind has lessened a bit. Someone has fishing nets in the water. Seagulls.
Distance 80 km.
from Külaküla to Kalurikoja forest cabin
from Säärenina to Rumpo

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