from Leetse to Tallinn

In the morning there is a giant dark could with a shining edge.
Instead of mosquitoes there are ants.
Finding my way in the maze of small paths I locate also the other campsites and many small beaches. Awesome view from up the cliff. It has been long since I last was here so that I had totally forgotten how beautiful this place was.
In Laulasmaa I get distracted by a café. A group of teachers sits there and discusses school issues. I hear phrases like “no abilities”, “we know who are less talented” and “he has no memory”. Right. From the positive side are said “we have to get involved sooner” and “teachers don’t know what is going on in the brain”. Exactly. That brain is capable of learning and abilities can be developed.
From Lohusalu I find a nice forest path that leads me to Meremõisa. A beach in between. Water seems to get warmer. Or I’m getting used to it.
In Keila-Joa I have to come out of the forest for crossing the river. A stop on Türisalu cliff. There coastline hiking trail emerges again and goes along the cliff. Looks good enough for cycling. I cross a pasture and then the trail ends with a big hole. The signs tell me to climb over the road railing. First time I take luggage off in order to pass a barrier. While putting everything back I have time to ponder whether I should cut this nonsense and move to asphalt. I continue on the highway and see a sign that tells drivers to hold sideways distance with a cyclist.
Shop stop in Vääne-Jõesuu. I go to have a look if it’s possible to get along a small path to Suurupi. It is, through the forest, high above the cliff.
Suurupi lower lighthouse has interesting architecture. It is one of the oldest wooden lighthouses in Estonia. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
I pass through Muraste dwelling area that is surrounded by gates. I cannot figure out how to get to the back end of Tilgu road without jumping the cliff. So I cannot drive proudly past the place where I hurt my knee last spring. Starting from Lohusalu there are more “private property” and “no entry” signs. Ownership instinct has reached new heights. I’m not so keen on trespassing anymore because people close to the capital tend to be more nervous than ordinary people.
From Ranamõisa I find Tabasalu nature trail which offers surprising views. There’s even a campsite.
Next come backyards of Kakumäe. I’m delved in GPS when a passing man offers help in English. It is weird to be a tourist in one’s home town. I’ve entered the biggest place in Estonian periphery, the capital Tallinn.
After I’ve past the open air museum a light traffic road takes me strait to Pelgulinn without me even noticing. There are swings, carousels, sweets on sale and people sunbathing on the grass.
I leave out Kopli peninsula because it’s getting late and drive strait to Paljassaare. Mild manure smell hovers over the beach. Picture taken, I continue to Tööstuse street where I can overnight by the supply team. Kalle has prepared sushi and sauna.
Distance 91 km.
from Peraküla to Leetse
from Tallinn to Jõelähtme

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