from Tallinn to Jõelähtme

More sushi and pancakes for breakfast.

Wind is favorable for cycling east (has bicycle with a sail been constructed already?). First stop is in my former office in Rotermanni quarter. Jana is on vacation, everyone else seems to be doing fine without me.
Take a look at Reidi road construction and Pirita harbor. Next stop is Rohuneeme beach. A few people, some garbage. Otherwise a beautiful place. Two cyclists arrive, use the swing and leave.
A forest path to Kelvingi. Cool path. Reaches a bunch of huge villas from between bushes. Then on to Leppneeme, Tammneeme, Randvere. Different architecture is displayed. A thick wallet amplifies good as well as bad taste. If yesterday I used mostly small paths then today I stay nicely on asphalt after Kelvingi. Difficult to find resting spots and only one ice-cream shop. Somewhere on Muuga road.
A sign in front of the road from Uusküla to Saviranna promises angry dog running loose. I take up a few stones just in case although I’ve already seen all kinds of empty promises. Already when I turned from the main road I realized I’ve been here before visiting a client. A huge mud field was then instead of the road. My memory holds no picture of a dog. I see two houses. At the first house a man operates a lawn tractor and waves kindly. At the second house a man operates a lawn tractor some way from the road. Two dogs run loose in the territory provided for them behind a fence. I can drop the stones.
The end goes fast. To Ülgase and through a golf village. Before the village is a map. I memorize left, right, right, left, right. The rhyme works. My father is not home, the key is under a rock. Circle is complete. A summary tomorrow.
Today 64 km.
from Leetse to Tallinn

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