from Lõunalaagri to Hino lake

Now has such weather arrived that I don’t have to put in the evening and in the morning all clothes on and it’s hot when I wake up in the tent.
Of course there is always the risk that this will be the warmest day of whole summer.
I pedal towards Koidula border crossing and ahead without looking at the map. Nice smooth asphalt, slight downhill, tailwind. It starts to feel awkward Säpina that shouldn’t be here and the railway is nowhere to be seen. Quick check on the map confirms my doubts, I’m merrily cycling towards Tartu. Five penalty-kilometers and the same amount back. At least I saw that Matsuri village that was marked as a place of cultural interest had appeared to be nothing special at least when passing through.
I see Koidula border crossing now better. Road to Võmmorski goes along the railway and then passes under it. From Võmmorski through Veretinä, Tsergondõ, Lepä and Viro to Meremäe. Meremäe looks like the kind of bigger villge that has a shop. Right next to the road junction is a stage and benches. Good for having a snack and showing my toes to the sun before getting ice-cream from the shop. But to my surprise there’s no shop. Although there’s a school with a picnic table in front of it. I’m running out of water but pigheadedly don’t turn towards Vastseliina but through Miikse and Viitka towards Luhamaa border crossing.
At some place something runs towards me on the road. Badger runs past me without looking at me, a car slowly driving after it, until wood heaps on both sides of the road end and badger can escape in the thicket.
Just before the border crossing is a big parking area with trucks and a house with „café“ written on it. Perfect. Kivitii café contains three friendly women and actually opens tomorrow. But I can get coffee and water. The family who arrives after me can also get cake that Daisy takes from the oven in 15 minutes. Starting from tomorrow there will be other food as well.
I head through Kossa, Kriiva and Kiviora to Hino lake. Somewhere near Vungi I choose a shortcut because those small roads all look the same on the GPS screen. The road ends in pasture and then mud anda ditch. Push the bike through. That’s what people from the city like to do, push their bikes in the mud.
I leave out the place where three countries, Estonia, Latvia and Russia meet. No doubt just some bush and many kilometers of bad gravel road before that. Later looking at the paper map I see that it is marked with some kind of obelisk.
I try Hino lake from many places. Everywhere either private land or no good place for tent or no access to the water. I’ve turned touchy in this heat and land at Vetevana holiday farm. There’s a kind man who allows me to put my tent wherever I please. There’s no-one else anyway. Inviting green patches in all sides. I choose a place next to the picnic table. Since I know that the host is going to sauna, I can just jump in the lake without any preparations. Some kind of dust floats in the water that later foams a bit when boiled. Weird.
Cycled 77 km, including the 10 penalty-kilometers.
from Värska to Lõunalaagri
from Hino lake to Lõunatipu

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