from Hino lake to Lõunatipu

Although camping was supposed to cost 5 euros I get 17 back from 20 in the morning. Unemployed cyclist doesn’t mind.
First I go to Misso for shop. Very well stocked shop, everything seems tempting, even shoe polish. Tomatoe plants and flowers are sold in front of the shop. A former MP hangs a sign about elections to the European Parliament on the notice board. I try to book a hairdresser in Valga but it does not go well. Booking accommodation with Katri goes a lot better.
Big road until Murati, from there a smaller one to Luutsniku. Most of the time I don’t have to use my legs but rush downhill. Either they have here more downhill than uphill or it’s just that some downhill parts are so effective that I can get up the following hill using the same speed. Sourthern Estonian roads are famous among hikers for its murderous climbs. A Google camera drives past. So sometime in the future I may be seen in internet cycling from Murati to Luutsniku.
A deer comes to the road but goes back after seeing me. A ladybug lands on handlebar bad and rides with me for a while.
I take the RMK hiking trail until Luhasoo. It is nice forest road on this stretch. In Luhasoo I walk to the lake in the middle of the bog. A platform with ladder has been built while I was absent. Very nice. Take a dip and enjoy being in Estonia (meaning: being naked in the middle of the bog without anyone seeing me and thinking that I’m a pervert). Then picnic.
Expensive ice-cream in Krabi shop, sold by a guy with colorful woolen hat.
After Alska I go along the RMK hiking trail again and remember a lot of places. The shop at Metsavenna is closed today which is a pity. Last time here were very friendly people.
Familiar road to Naha village and from there mosquito-filled thicket to the southern tip (Lõunatipu). It is the southernmost point of Estonia. A fat deer crosses the road. It drizzles for a moment.
At the campsite everything is full of old poplar blossoms. My entry in the guestbook is gone which is weird. Quick wash in Peetri river and usual camp routine. Birds sing the loudest here, some Latvian animal roars over the border and withdraws. Probably lion.
Cycling distance 76 km.
from Lõunalaagri to Hino lake
from Lõunatipu to Valga

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