from Lõunatipu to Valga

Some clouds in the morning but no rain.
For change I go back to Naha village on alternative route. More dandelions, less hassle. Although at some places I have to push the bike. Which is complicated because there’s not enough room on the trail to walk next to the bike. We also have to climb over a thick fallen tree.
I use RMK trail until Kõrgeperve. I remember that it included nice Valga county forest, guarded with barbed wire. It is still there. I go slow and enjoy the road and the colorful surroundings. Bright green blueberries, olove green „ordinary“ moss and grey lichen.
At Tellingumäe there were cyclists last time who had already heard of me. This time cows are on the other side of the road.
Swimming break at Kõrgeperve. Incredibly enjoyable. And again is Kõrgeperve the place where I have to move on because Katri is waiting somewhere.
I leave RMK trail and rush towards Valga, the apex of civilization for me now. Next time I meet the trail in Ikla.
At Koikküla shop I can hear already outside that ice-cream is being analyzed inside. An old lady asks about every ice-cream and the shop assistant walks with her along the boxes and explains patiently what each ice-cream contains.
The road goes along the border, on the left side is Latvia. A hare comes from Latvia, walks laizily over the road, looks at me and zigzags into bush.
In Valga I first get the key to Katri’s apartement from her office. She’s in Tallinn, in theatre. Next I find the house and the door and everything goes smoothly. I clean myself and the luggage and throw a pile of things into washing machine. Then I buy some more gas, just in case. Before I noticed that a screw was missing. Find a car shop, get a screw exactly like the one missing. Buy some provisions. Civilization is pretty nice for a change. Use also the option to eat in a pub and have a beer.
Distance 65 km.
from Hino lake to Lõunatipu
from Valga to Tündre lake

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