from Paralepa to Peraküla

The bike gets new fastening for front light and new trip computer.
Cruise along seafront to Haapsalu and circle Väike viik (a pond in the city). Haapsalu has cool street names like Vaikne kallas (Quiet shore) and Õhtu kallas (Evening shore). Seems that I recognize the house we lived in when we were kids and were here for summer holidays with our grandmother.
With tailwind to Linnamäe, from there to Sutlepa and on to Noarootsi. Noarootsi church is locked right in front of me and I can have a look at the graveyard where there is a big concentration of barons and counts.
In Saare manor is a coffee house but it is 3.5 km from the main road. I don’t buy the additional seven kilometers. In Pürkse there should be a pub and I even see the sign pointing towards it but fail to see the pub itself. So I have a picnic after Österby, Einby and Paslepa in Sääse bus stop. Since I didn’t visit Hosby yesterday on Vormsi I visit the Hosby in Noarootsi now twice.
After Riguldi start the pine forests of Nõva nature protection area. I turn in to Roosta holiday farm because the sign announces beach bar. Kind people there serve coffee and food. It also serves as tap water filling point.
Starting from Rooslepa chapel it is possible to use forest paths. I guess these are not in offer after today. I stand and listen to birds chirp, further away rustles the sea. Pines and blueberries don’t move at all. Returning to civilization has its benefits but it is still nice out here. When I venture out of the forest I land exactly in the back yard of Dirham shop.
Lot of services on offer in Dirham harbor. Shower, toilet and fish café. Unfortunately I just ate and soon have to eat what I have in the cycle bag. Besides, they have already enough customers basking in the sun. Have a look at Põõsaspea cape where a lot of rocks are strewn in the water.
On to Peraküla beach and campsite which of course is not the smartest idea considering that it is Saturday. Then again the place is big enough to find a spot for tent without having to rub shoulders with anyone. The smaller places are occupied with such a nice weather anyway.
A crowd. I find a place, have a dip in the sea. Water is cold. A bunch of youngsters brawls and entertains the whole beach with loud music. There are RMK campsites where a hiker is a curiosity.
For sunset everybody lines up at the beach. On the right white clouds pile up on the horizon like some ghosts.

Distance 92 km.

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