from Rumpo to Paralepa

November outside.
Cycle computer has decided to stop working in the night. During the day it wakes up randomly but can measure only about a dozen kilometers.
Circle the island. Next to Saxby lighthouse is a small museum and a stone beach. At Borrby beach is a car and screaming birds. One of Norrby lighthouses is hidden in bush. I find a well and a giant spider. The forest that still stands is nicely covered in moss. It smells of rose hip, spruce needles and sea salt. Everywhere are big photos made either on the 1930ies or in 1971 that show lost views of Vormsi. Signs point to places and trails that all will stay waiting for next and longer visit.
I’m early in the harbor so that I could sit on the café and avoid plastic coffee cup on the ferry. But the tables are outside in the wind and coffee comes in a plastic cup, I can only avoid the plastic lid. Ice-cream is imported.
From Rohuküla harbor goes a very nice small road to Pullapää. In Pullapää there is a monument for Alexander III for some reason.
We meet with the supply team in Fra Mare spa. I’m the first one to arrive which is becoming a tradition. We swim, try different saunas and eat well after all that.
Distance 67 km.
from Säärenina to Rumpo
from Paralepa to Peraküla

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