from Tündre lake to Sandra forest hut

Morning is dry and quiet, only leaves of aspen shiver.
I continue through sun-patched forest and soft gravel. Road through Teringi to Lilli consists of climbs, drops, puddles and mosquitoes.
During a break in Penuja I spread my tent on the football field behind the bus stop. It refused to dry in the forest in the morning. Before Abja-Paluoja an eagle sits on apple tree. Possibly lesser spotted eagle.
A lot of signs pointing to eating places in Abja-Paluoja, many flower shops and a bookshop. I land in Mulgi pub. Seems like I’ve entered Viljandi county.
Cycling continues along a nice, shady and straight road to Veelikse. Always nice to drive through Veelikse. I pass the option to visit Laatre where only a decayed church is according to internet and Katri. On to Mõisaküla where there is also a tired church, the cross on the tower awry and all. Eating ice-cream in front of the shop has become a habit. A sign points to Pärnu which is now 67 km away. But anybody can go to Pärnu like that, straight.
Instead I go on to Jäärja where I have to choose whether to use dozen kilometers of possibly very bad road or go through Veelikse. They are not very creative with names here. Very soft gravel before Veelikse this time.
Road to Sandra forest hut is narrow and muddy. Cabin is nice. Wooden path in the bog is unfortunately very short and does not reach the ponds. The bog looks lovely though. We share it with Latvians.
I’m in Pärnu county now and the area is called Swamp King’s protected area. RMK has named its forest roads here.
More calculations with map and calendar show in the end that it might be best to go to Matsalu first and enter the islands from Rohuküla.
Distance 80 km.
from Valga to Tündre lake
from Sandra forest hut to Lemme beach

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