from Sandra forest hut to Lemme beach

It has rained in the night so it was good that I did put the bike under the roof.
It’s cool windless morning, no heat. Good for cycling.
A deer walks over the road without seeing me. A hare looks for a while, standing on two legs and jumps into bush. I almost drive over next hare before we notice each other. A goat runs over pasture and yells towards me from the thicket. Before Tali a hare runs long in front of me on the road before turning to the field. On the other side of the road roars a wood cutting machine.
Tali has a colorfully painted bus stop and a kindergarden with screaming kids. From Tali I turn again towards Latvian border. Nigula nature protection area is near this road. I try to enter the information center. It’s locked but then a boy sticks his head out together with a barking dog. Yes, I can eat in the shelter, no problem. And the head and the dog disappear. So I eat there. Drizzle. I go to check out the bog. Long time ago I’ve even helped to build the wooden walking path. But there’s no bog here, it’s a bit further. A nicer picnic table is at the bog.
Right in the start is a lake but the weather reduces my enthusiasm for getting into the water. Besides, some green residue floats near the shore. Along the path are a high viewtower, pines, ponds and a viewtower with a bird watching room. The water in the ponds is clean so I undertake a quick wash. Sun starts to come out when I get back to the bike.
After a while I pass Kaubaru forest hut which has a lot of windows. I held it to be too far for yesterday and Sandra hut was nice but here would have been great. A well over the road, partly hidden in trees.
People of Pärnu county have dutifully natureprotected most of their territory. On the other hand they destroy biological diversity right next to it by already making hay under Natura 2000 sign or by fending off „weed“.
Past Teaste are some more small roads along Latvian border that have covered in loose soft splinters. The hardest five kilometers so far.
Hum of Via Baltica could be heard many kilometers before and there it finally is. Preventive wobbling helps against trucks. Then they don’t try to drive off with my mirror.
In Ikla border check point I eat pancakes and then to real Ikla where RMK trail starts or ends. The shop next to it is now deserted.
Sea again. Along the shore towards north. Instead of Kabli I stay in Lemme because the campsite is on the beach and it seems like it's going to be  nice sunset. In season it’s crowded here but today I’m alone. Very unusual. Locate the well, put up tent, read, cook. Lovely sunset. Clean my bike a bit more thoroughly than usual, tomorrow a big city awaits me.
Today’s distance 77 km.
from Tündre lake to Sandra forest hut
from Lemme to Pärnu

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