in Kuressaare

Seems that I’m stuck in Kuressaare now.
Roomassaare harbor is quiet with mild sunshine in the morning. No people. A bit worrisome is the fact that the ferry is nowhere to be seen. Checking everything once more I finally realize that I have a ticket from Ruhnu for today morning and back to the island tomorrow afternoon. Partly I can blame the web page that does not work properly on tablet. But calling the ferry company twice they also didn’t correct me. A lot of if’s. If I’d seen the right times in the beginning I would have camped at Elda cliff on Sunday. Went to Abruka island when the times were changed. Saved the hostel price.
Time to think. Looks like three options: start towards Muhu island (would be there too early for supplies delivery), go to Muhu with more stops than planned (no RMK campsites on this stretch) or go to Abruka island tomorrow for a day trip (what to do today, where to stay overnight and day trips are kind of superficial). There are two different times for Abruka ferry online. Too early to call the captain.
Find out that I can get water from the toilet and make porridge and coffee on the bench. When the ferry from Ruhnu arrives then I start proudly towards Kuressaare. I have to go there anyway, either on my way to Muhu or to the shop and to eat. The light traffic road that starts from the harbor goes past a bird watching tower where it would be possible to camp or to sleep in the tower.
Gerda and Evelin both come to the office door to wonder what I’m still doing there. I move in to Gerda’s office for a change. Try to read all of the book and drink all of the coffee. We go to lunch with Gerda, watch people passing by, children having fun in the fountain and the central square that has been turned into pedestrians’ and cyclists’ anarchy for a few seasons. Later I take a walk in the surroundings and eat Indian food. Seems appropriate when reading William Dalrymple’s „The Last Mughal“. The streets of Kuressaare are quiet and warm.
With bicycle 8 km.
from Järve to Kuressaare

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