I move out of the office intending to get finally out of Kuressaare.
Back to Roomassaare harbor. The ferry to Abruka island is there and captain Kaupo thinks that it will be more fun on the island with bicycle. So the bicycle comes along and the municipality gets 2 euros more. In addidition to captain and mechanic there are only two passengers. Sometimes the ferry goes empty one way. Information about Ruhnu ferry says that there really was too windy. It is difficult to land in Ruhnu harbor with many winds.
So now I’m on Abruka island instead of Ruhnu. Another place I haven’t been before.
I cycle in a swarm of dragonflies through the island to Pitkanina cape. In the middle of the island is old forest with crooked trees, moss and fern. It’s supposed to be remnant from warmer climate periods.
On Pitkanina there are cattle, hawthorn overloaded with flowers and view to Birdshit island from where load bird noise is heard. I collect a balloon and some cartridges.
From the other side of the island it is possible to walk through water to Vahase, a tiny island. I initially plan just to test the water but then still reach Vahase. Too much reed on the other side so I skip walking further on shore.
I sit here and there, read a book and just look around.
In the harbor café kitchen is being cleaned but I can still get fish soup and coffee. When the ferry comes back then it contains a bunch of youngsters who don’t come on land but ride back immediately.
Next destination is Vätta peninsula where sea is bright blue and poppy fields line the road. Instead of camping on a pasture I have an accommodation booked that I could not cancel anymore. Internet said mountain cabin. There’s a cabin but no mountain. I can use outdoor kitchen for cooking and sauna. From sauna window I watch how the sky turns pink. Nightingale sings somewhere close.
Cycling today 47 km.
in Kuressaare
from Suure-Rootsi to Rootsivere

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