Wikipedia claims the coastline of Estonia to be 1242 km, 600 km of it consists of the Bay of Finland from Narva river to Põõsaspea cape, 234 km of Northwest Estonian coast from Põõsaspea to Puise nose, 220 km of Southwest Estonian coast from Puise to Torila tip and from there 188 km around the bay of Pärnu and along Häädemeeste coast to Ikla. Then there are Lake Peipsi and Latvian border.
Enviroment Agency predicts sea level to rise up to 98 cm until 2100 compared to the year 2016 but then again the land around here rises 1-2 mm a year.

Before heading off it was necessary to clean the bicycle of spider webs and tune it up a bit. So it received a set of new parts from tires to rear mirror and a full maintenance. I also practiced removing the wheels and replacing bike tires.
Start is predicted to be on 5th of May.
from Jõelähtme to Juminda

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