from Jõelähtme to Juminda

Omelette on Tööstuse street and coffee in Jõelähtme. According to old Icelandic tradition I’m always ready to drink coffee.
Start has been delayed a bit because things refused to get packed. At the same time weather station has dried the weather.
After Kaili has taught me how to use the handlebar bag and Juhan brought me the plastic money I forgot in the car everything goes smoothly. Geese sitting on both sides of the road form triangles to fly to the sea.
By the road to Ihasalu is frog protection net, lot of daffodills and a group of tiny bugs that get stuck everywhere. Villas are hidden between the trees and a French-speaking family walks in front of these.
In Neeme village are a bus stop with colored windows, a person painting a house, kids who say ’hello’, new houses mixed with old and roads that end in the sea. In the end of the road is an English-speaking young woman who says that it is private property but it is okay to continue on foot or with bicycle. Ahead is a lighthouse and Uitru tip. The ground is sandy so the bicycle is left behind by a rock. Light blue water, guillemots and cormorants on the rocks who fly screaming in the air when I approach. Border guard ship makes noise in the background. Someone has installed here a dry log for sitting and enjoying pocket coffee.
Forest road towards Kaberneeme is covered with a lot of stones. Forest is lovely, unfortunately a lot of it has been cut. In the harbour is Neem restaurant where construction works are still going on but next to the shop is welcoming Pootsman’s summer café. Pootsman is a giant hairy dog.
At Salmistu beach a woman approaches and says that she has today already seen me three times. I get good wishes with me.
Next forest road takes me to Soorinna. In order to have a break I climb Muuksi hill village. They have built it clevery on a hill. Up is a nice view over Kolga bay and a monument to remember various war events. Next the road enables me to ride 33 km/h without moving my legs. Its getting cold. I drive slowly past Naskali bay to check out the lighthouse of Juminda and the war memorial. Forestry department has also built a campsite there with all amenities. Since all places are numb from cycling and its already 85 km so I don’t go back to Naskali bay but put my tent up there, take off cycling clothes and put on all other clothes. It gets almost warm with all this activity. Food, hot tea and recording sunset. Sea has an undescribable color.
Small problem with pictures until Narva-Jõesuu because I took a wrong gadget...
from Juminda to Käsmu

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