Sõrve peninsula

Pancakes in the morning!
Dried fish and muffins are added to my luggage. Whole of Gerda’s family sees me off, only Barry stays inside to check if maybe some food was left somewhere.
I need to cycle around Sõrve peninsula, down from left side and up from right. There’s a stretch of straight and dusty gravel road so I switch to a path by the sea. A few gates, some private land and then I’m in grass up to my waist. This is why I put on shorts in the morning with foresight. The detour takes about two kilometers then I’m back on gravel road. A deer stays staring after me.
Pine forest, tailwind, headwind, a bunch of cyclists. Surprisingly wavy roads here. As an experienced wanderer I know that there’s no point to react to signs pointing to churches. Estonians are so un-religious probably because churches are firmly locked.
A message arrives saying that due to weather the ferry to Ruhnu island has been postponed. This means only two half-days on Ruhnu which is a pity but there’s no point arguing with the weather.
In the end of the peninsula is a restaurant with very friendly service, delicious fish soup and chocolate cake. White-pointed waves are shown through the window. I re-organize my future based on the changes in the ferry schedule.
Some more fun is to be had here. I visit the exhibition in the information center, climb the lighthouse tower and walk to the tip of the peninsula. The way back is straight asphalt through the forest where even bus stops are rare. Only entertainment is Mõntu harbor where everything is blue and white: gas station, buildings, boats, sky. So I land back at Gerda’s and get to eat right away.
Distance 89 km.
from Harilaid to Järve
from Järve to Kuressaare

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