from Harilaid to Järve

Today I have to make a lot of choices.
First I need to make up my mind if I want to go and have a look at Kiipsaare light house or not. I have seen it before. Finally I go. It’s still there, leaning to one side.
Next stop is Kihelkonna. It starts to rain. My tracker complains that 25% battery is too low. Guessing that there are kind people in smaller shop and am allowed to plug the device in next to the fridges.
There are three peninsulas between Kihelkonna and my friend Gerda. I cannot visit them all because it would be an awfully long day. I could pick one but that would also mean a very long ride, it’s raining and I’m still tired from yesterday. I could stay overnight at Elda campsite and visit Gerda tomorrow but that would mean getting up in the night the day after tomorrow. Not a very nice perspective. I spend many minutes thinking it all over by the sign that points to Kiirassaare. Then I re-define the day to be a family history day and go towards Lümanda. My mother went to school there. Skiping all the gravel road, Kuusnõmme peninsula, Eeriksaare peninsula, Elda cliff and Atla will probably haunt me til I come back one day.
There’s a restaurant in Lümanda. I’m sleepy, hungry, need a toilet and some more electricity. The restaurant can solve all my problems. New itinerary does not include Pilguse anymore so I make a detour. A sing points to Pilguse manor and childhood home of F.G.Bellingshausen. Who cares about Bellingshausen, it was the childhood home of my mother. No renovation works have been done since I was last here and wind plays with the broken drainpipe that sounds like church bell. Sun comes out. In this sudden summer it is difficult to understand what was wrong with me in Kihelkonna.
A quick turn to Tiirimetsa road and a look at Kalja nose. Just for the funny name („kali“ means kvass). Gerda puts potatoes in the oven. I eat everything and there’s sauna afterwards.
Distance 72 km.
from Tuhkana to Harilaid
Sõrve peninsula

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