In total 2856.29 km cycled, 45 days.
The longest day was 106 km, from Suure-Rootsi to Rootsivere, the shortest 8 km, being stuck in Kuressaare. Cycling days were 41, non-cycling days 4. It means that on average I cycled 69.67 km a day, almost as planned.

22 nights in tent, from those 5 in places not meant as campsites. 14 nights I spent at friends or relatives and paid accommodations were 8. I was trusted with many keys.

I changed back tire twice, replaced a missing screw, changed handlebar cushioning, back lights and trip computer, fixed a bag fastening, lost front light, once washed chain in gasoline, adjusted gears.
One fall with the bike, twice the bike fell by itself. Once I drove off the road. Three times I was hit by a stone that flew from a passing car and once with a cone.

Estonia is still very beautiful. Many names on the map suddenly got a face and emotion. Partially I created the itinerary on the go that led me to places I didn’t know existed. For example finding a spring in a thicket on Saaremaa, wondered at the gardening done under high voltage lines near Narva, ate nuts on a swing in Rohuneeme and drove through some yards and pastures. The road took me to visit many nice people whom I otherwise may have not met. It also brought new places to future plans where I would like to visit at a more leisurely pace like Panga cliff, Sookuninga nature protection area and Vormsi island.

People on the edges of Estonia live like people everywhere. Some are happy with their lives, some are not. Some work, some don’t. Some make flower beds, take care of their house or build a new one, some let their homes crumble. Clear-cut areas can be found everywhere. Capital-centered mindset is a myth of people from Tallinn. People elsewhere have their attention in everyday matters directed somewhere more close to them.
from Tallinn to Jõelähtme

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