Comanche bay

We live the whole day in Comanche bay and explore the Greenland icecap.

Everything besides ice is stone desert with fifty shades of grey, sun glaring above. Sharp-edged mountains from around Kulusuk have worn off to low rounded hills. We climb up one side of the glacier, down the other and have a picnic. Only the sound of gurgling water if it wasn't for the drone. Drones are the same kind of annoying audio pollution as are scooters. Buzz persistently and don't go away.
Interlude with Finnish pancakes by Lauri. After the interlude some people go fishing and some go kayaking. Water is calm, rocks and algae clearly visible. We find a lake and patches of Arctic root. Later glacier ice is served with whiskey.
Whale steak for dinner. The piece of whale meat was a gift from locals in Kulusuk. The moon, full and yellow, rises over the glacier and nordic lights are unfolded over our heads.

from Tiniteqilaaq to Comanche bay
from Comanche bay to Skjoldungen

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