from Tiniteqilaaq to Comanche bay

Lauri has baked bread in the morning. Awesome.

For start we enter between giant ice bergs. One has a hole in it and Chris drives drone through there. Ice comes from three glaciers that calf into Sermilik fjord. Ice formations as far as eyes can see. Siggi takes us confidently past all of them.
Later ice retires to horizon. Water moves up and down without there actually being any waves. Whole day of driving so the Norwegian criminal story about Greenland goes along fast. I'm also supplied with new literature by the captain.
Some humpback whales bathe around the ship. Everyone is busy snapping pictures and so there's no reaction to cries 'there's a lot of blood here'. There has been some accident catching the drone. Whales come too close and lenses are too long.
Our destination is a bay in the vicinity of which two American air planes crashed during WWII. There's a book about it on board.
Ice soup around the ship now, we move noisily ahead. This does no good to the paint of the ship. A few gulls fly past, their stomachs touching the water. An iceberg, as big as a house.
New rules on the ship allow more showering. This is a bit complicated though when people shake the ship around you. Falling water also shifts to and fro.
All world matters discussed around dinner table. We don't reach anchorage before it's dark.

from Kulusuk to Tiniteqilaaq
Comanche bay

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