from Iqqatteq to Tiniteqilaaq

In the morning we arrive at Iqqatteq village and the boat relaxes.

We are back in Sermilik fjord and anchor between tiny islands with some giant pieces of ice in the background.
Iqqatteq is another abandoned village. The church-schoolhouse is in working order, Lauri plays a familiar tune from an open note above the piano. Rest of the houses are more or less abused by nature. Next to one building is a huge pile of clothes as if the house was poured empty there.
We continue over a minefield. Despite captain's efforts we keep bumping on ice blocks that float on top of gray field of water all around us. Dark cloud has wrapped the mountains and the rest of the landscape in invisibility.
The boat gets parked next to Tiniteqilaaq village. People, howling of dogs. Shopping. In the harbour wait a bunch of garbage tins to be put up. Seems like an interesting experiment.
I start with Alfred Wainwright's biography. As a funny coincidence this Lake District icon and me climbed the same mountain as an introduction to the area.

drive back north

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