I wake up to weird movement of the ship.

Are we trying to push an iceberg from our way? We climb out. The missionary boat that was advertised in the village last night is stuck on a rock and Arktika pulls it to one side and to the other. On the rock it still stays. Let them wait for high tide and pray. Or throw the free Bibles overboard to reduce weight.
Decent rain. No point to go to Tasiilaq either as a storm rages there. Another day inside. Everybody reading around the table. Somebody sneezes. The circle mumbles "bless you" in three languages.
Pancakes and movies fill the rest of the day. Mountains with some snow strewn on them appear and disappear in the gray cloud again outside. Lone gull screams, ice melts bubbling.
The bible ship has got off the Sinners' Rock.
Evening walk in the village is a wet one.

from Iqqatteq to Tiniteqilaaq
from Tiniteqilaaq to Tasiilaq

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