from Tasiilaq to Kulusuk

Horizontal rain.

Planned is a peaceful drive to Kulusuk where some people need to catch an air plane.
The sea is quite angry. We beat into the wind, the ship keeps pointing either to the sky or into wet abyss. I sit in the wheelhouse, reading, and when I look up from the book there are foamy waves behind the window. Water splashes against the panes. Small sail in front gets loose and Siggi goes three times to tie it better. He puts on a life jacket which is something unusual. We stare at him intensively, wondering how to fetch him out of the sea in case such a need arises. It doesn't. Birds fly wondering around him and wind carries us back to prolong this wonderful journey. A few times the ship gets pushed almost flat on the side. It rains bullets for a while in the wheelhouse. Brita and Reto fall out of their bunks and the whole downstairs looks like a scene of serious domestic violence. Then the oil filter is full of dirt and needs to be changed. When Siggi says 'oh shit' then it's bad. Again going backwards. Finally we see land.
Hurried moving out with many hugs. Aurora arrived before us and they hold on to the plane. Getting on shore is not easy though as the dingy fills suddenly with water. We pile up on the back.
All Pirhuk's lodges are full and Teresa is not home. I get directions to the hostel but there's no-one. The door is open and I go in hoping to find a phone number. Battery of my phone is dead so I first plug it in and then call Johanna. She says that we can speak in Icelandic, the house is promised to someone else, anyway it is closed already and she's in the middle of an emergency. She'll call me back. A young man comes, says that he's Nico and waits for some people who just arrived on the plane. A mountain guide, Italian, lives in the yellow house. Leaves left. After some time come Maliina and Carlos who plan to film vertical dance. And Johanna. We agree to share the house. Johanna assumed based on my accent that I was from Iceland. I've acquired this stupid habit indeed, to copy the accent. The flights have been cancelled for the last three days and she had trouble getting five local kids on the plane. They went to a swimming course.
I find a puzzle with 1000 pieces of 16th century map of Iceland and all the prehistoric animals who lived around it in the sea. In the background is conversation about Icelandic and Greenlandic dance scene, partly in Italian, outside a rainy village in Greenland. Nico divides his time between Reykjavík and Kulusuk together with his Belgian girlfriend, Carlos between Iceland and Italy with his Icelandic girlfriend and Maliina was born in Greenland, grew up in Denmark and lives now in Nuuk.

from Tiniteqilaaq to Tasiilaq
first day in Kulusuk

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