from Tiniteqilaaq to Tasiilaq

Tasiilaq is a big town.

I have asphalt under my feet first time after leaving Reykjavík.
I buy a local phone card in order to use some internet. Post office contains a young lady who does not speak any language. Smiles and does not say anything. So I'm not very sure what I get. The biggest problem is filling out an online form. First, my identification code doesn't match the standard. Second, I don't have a local address. I gesticulate towards the ship visible on the bay, I live there now. Later the form shows me living in some unspecified address in Tasiilaq.
Rain is now a bit less. We aim at the mountains behind the village. The beginning is beautiful. Not much water nor bugs in the air. Later it starts to rain decently. I forgot my anti-rain pants in the ship. Hiking pants give their best but are rather water absorbing in the end. The part of view that can be seen is nice.
Back down, I take a look at the town. Pizzeria is closed. A man smoking below the balcony directs me to yellow house. Many yellow houses in town. Someone has installed a Latvian street sign. I find the right house and meet Brita and Reto. Reto gets the last dish of the day and I'm left with hamburger. Luckily I'm hungry enough but my jaw is not developed to eat hamburgers the orthodox way.
Last night on the ship with roast whale pizza, red wine and birthday cake.

from Tasiilaq to Kulusuk

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