In the morning everything is calm.

Slowly everyone appears with different shade of exhaustion visible in their face. Landscape has turned greener, the cliffs are not so colorful anymore but higher and sharper.
We are parking in front of a village that was again abandoned in 1965. Head out for a stroll. Tired furniture is visible through the windows. Behind the village is a huge ice tower. Midges. Two ptarmigans. Blueberries and crowberries. An iceberg is blown off with a lot of noise.
Change of anchorage because Arktika is in danger of getting stuck on her stomach. New parking place is in Caroline Amalie bay. Brita, Peter, Veiga and me go kayaking, all the others climb up a mountain. Except for Lauri who stays back to clean. Circles on the water show that it is raining. We are surrounded by many tiny islands and almost no wind. Wind comes later. We check behind all corners, find a cave, pose with ice. A couple of seals eye us suspiciously.
Back at the boat, Lauri has backed bread that is served with Estonian honey.

from Comanche bay to Skjoldungen
Halvdans fjord

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