Halvdans fjord

We change anchorage and move over to Halvdans fjord.

Rain rushes in columns over the bay. Above the cliffs towers dirty-looking blue glacier wall and white stripes of water meander downwards into the sea. In wheelhouse wind plays pan flute through the window.
Siesta until the weather gets better. Nansen passes Skjoldungen and reaches land at last.
In the afternoon there's an expedition to the glaciers. We climb on the rocks and reach a view. It is possible to lean on the wind. No mosquitoes. Glacier tongues stretch out from between black cliffs strewn over with fresh snow. Greenlandic national flower, niviarsiak, blossoms in the valley. We cross a river. It contains a bunch of fish with orange underbelly. A circle around the mountain is added in order not to go back the same way. It means balancing on cliffs above light blue water and hugging moss. No-one falls into the sea.
Back in the ship we demand food at once. Brita gets a sock jammed in her sweater in the hurry. Wind rushes down, whistling, and an invisible hand pushes the ship off balance.

Queen Maria valley

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