the furthest south

Some drizzle. The plan is same as yesterday.

A part of the company kayaks to next anchorage, the other part sails there. I get the blue single kayak again. The distance should be twice as much as yesterday.
Sun comes out but my sunglasses are on my bunk. Posing in front of icebergs. Veiga takes a shower in a cave. In another cave lives a sea monster judging from the noise.
Lunch in a bay with painted mountains. A seal gazes at us.
Next reference point is a mouth of a bay where a lot of sharp white stuff can be seen. Dangerous beauty. Below a two-towered giant it sounds like thunder, something falls down and water splashes in all directions. Veiga orders everyone to go back and we make our fastest paddle strokes ever. Then we pass the unstable structure in honorable distance and enter next bay that is also full of ice. Arktika should be there. But she's not. Only mountains wrapped in gray veil. And the damn ice everywhere. Arktika is out of reach of the radio. Luckily there's the satellite phone. We are one bay too far south. The maps for the area are not the most exact. Veiga dictates Siggi our coordinates, demonstrates how to pee from a kayak and we build a raft of kayaks on the edge of the ocean. Somewhere breathes a whale. Arktika comes into view from between the ice and picks us up. 22,8 kilometers.
Although I'm exhausted it is possible to go ashore and look at the beach. It would be interesting to see what is behind the hill. Chris and Rob stay to fly the drone (there's one more), me and Reto spurt as far inland as our legs can carry. To inspect the backside of the hill. Reto is a brisk gentleman from Switzerland who moves on the rocks like a mountain goat. Behind the hill is another hill, and another one. And behind that green-blue lake. It is the other end of the lake we saw yesterday. Some more climbing to have a better view. And then some more. It rains above the lake and Greenlandic national flower has water drops on its leaves. Maybe we'll get in trouble to have ventured so far without armed escort. Before going back we climb another rock. Where there's not sloping smooth cliff there are stones in various colors and shapes thrown on top of each other. Reto finds the most vertical way down. It is like a continuation of yesterday's exercise: copy everything that Reto does. I've left my hiking poles in the ship because I'm afraid of breaking these here between the rocks.
Someone has been washing an elephant in the shower again.
A storm approaches from south. To escape it we start towards north at once and will not go to Tingmiarmiut as planned. We leave into pastel arctic sunset, ocean on the right, dark gloomy cone-shaped mountains on the left.

from Vend Om to Umanap Tunorqutaria
drive back north

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