from Vend Om to Umanap Tunorqutaria

Blue sky looks into our rooftop window in the morning.

We continue along the canal. This can be done either on board or with a kayak. Since there are more willing kayakers than there are kayaks, I happen to share one with Reto. Sitting in the back I have to steer, be responsible for synchronizing the paddling and get a thorough overview of Reto's neck. It would also be good not to crash with Arktika. We circle around a lot of ice. The mountains are again lower and rounder. Passing through a soup of ice feels as if we were in a giant whiskey glass. Ice melts, babbling and cracking. The narrowest spot of the canal is almost completely filled with ice. Sculptures in different shades of blue and white look stunning but when it sounds as if someone was firing a gun we paddle as fast as we can to reach the ship and climb on board. Meantime the drone has been drowned that no doubt recorded some sweet moments of us among the ice just before it happened.
We stop in Imikajik bay. The background here has sharp edges. A stroll to a lake that makes a turn and disappears around the corner where there are new mountains. Closer to us a glacier lowers to the shore. A climb higher up brings us to a great view of Arktika in icy conditions and the lake on the other side. Air is thick with flies. Below Norm catches two big and four smaller fish. We eat all these for dinner.
Ship is accommodated in a small bay adjacent to Umanap Tunorqutaria canal. Siggi has to jockey her quite close to the rocks because a huge iceberg is parked on the most suitable spot.

from Queen Marie valley to Vend Om
the furthest south

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