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In the morning the noticeboard says that ferry goes from Las Palmas beach but not 10:45 as I knew but 16:15.
Lot of bustle going on. Ferry to Fårösund goes in the morning, new people arrive, bags are carried around and piled next to doors and in tractor cart.
I move out, read and walk then to Las Palmas. Forest is especially quiet, as if it was waiting for something. Wind moves between the trunks without touching the trees in order not to disturb them.
On the beach are many people. Some sit on pile of luggage, some swim and lay on the sun. From north approaches dark sky and it soon drizzles. I hide the book under camera bag’s rain-cover. Soon the tractor arrives and I can get my rain jacket and a separate waterproof bag for the book from my big backpack. Ferry takes its time. Meantime I get involved in a conversation with a Swedish guy who has been to Saaremaa.
Finally the ferry comes, drives into the sand, staircase is rolled on place and human chain lifts the bags onboard. The island disappears quickly from view.
Erosion and sea-level rise likely change the shape of the island in the future. The highest point is 42 meters but broad low sandy beaches like in Franska bukten or Bredsandsudde might not be around for long.
Drive into Nynäshamn goes through warmly glowing rocky islets covered with pines and solitary red houses. In the harbor a forest of masts shimmer against dark blue background. Nynäshamn smells fresh, of grass, sea and summer evening. In harbor restaurant live music is playing that can be heard until the hotel. Seems like I’ve got into some Sweden’s secret place because I can spot no other foreign tourists or English language signs. It seems also like Sweden has quite an amount of long distance hiking trails.
long way in dunes
from Nynäshamn to Stockholm to Tallinn

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