from Nynäshamn to Stockholm to Tallinn

In order to get from Nynäshamn to Stockholm one has to use the same transport options as for getting here but in reverse order.
I again have the whole cabin just for myself and I’m beginning to suspect that I might have booked the whole thing. The booking took place a while ago when I wasn’t yet so stingy as now. And so unemployed. Getting registered as unemployed is a tricky business by the way. Managed to get registered and de-registered right after that. Looks like it would be easier (and more financially beneficial) to apply for another PhD.
I have to pause watching Icelandic news on internet while the loudspeaker deals with the problem of smokers in four languages. People who acquire such an unhealthy hobby obviously cannot avoid setting something on fire or throwing rubbish around in the process.

I cannot decide if Musil’s irony is about me when he writes „...beschloß er, sich ein Jahr Urlaub von seinem Leben zu nehmen, um eine angemessene Anwendung seiner Fähigkeiten zu suchen."
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