a walk to Kallitsos

Sun shines into our white room in the morning.
After some coffee and pancakes we decide to have a look on the island. From the outskirts of the village goes a path up to Chora. We share it with some ants.
Chora is empty but has nice views. Finally we locate a café and a shop. Good for having a break and buying snacks.
From Chora we continue to Kallitsos because the day is still young and we don’t want to go back the same way. The interior of the island is dry and brown, striped with stone fences. A cow rests on the path. Small chapels serve as waymarks.
Kallitsos is empty as well, except for some cats and dogs. We find a small square and have a picnic there, looking towards the sea and striking a cat. Since we fail to locate the path to the nearest beach and the sun is already low, we continue on the small road. Trying a shortcut to Psili Ammos beach lands us on fields of thorny bushes and climbing over fences. Still we manage to reach the shore with the last rays of sun and have a short dip. Finally back in our hotel, Kalle’s watch tells us that we have walked over 17 km.
arrival in Serifos
a day on the balcony

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