arrival in Serifos

Autumn weather awaits us on Serifos.
Various clouds hang between the islands and the rain has just stopped. We navigate to our accommodation and pick a room upstairs. It has three balconies. Finding a place that matched our criteria wasn’t easy. That came as a surprise. We didn’t want much, just to have a cosy place to read inside and also on the balcony. And not to live too far away from restaurants. But this is it. Close to the village center but not on the main street. Comfortable chairs on the balcony and a large sofa in the living room.
One could have the question why do we go so far just to read. It’s a good question. We could of course stay closer to home but reading a book the whole day doesn’t work at home. There’s always something else to do. Weather in Estonia in October can be gloomy so sun and light seem very tempting. I also like the slow pace of the small Greek islands and Kalle hasn’t been to the Cyclades.
We each had eight kilo of luggage and one kilo of it was books. I finish a volume from Asimov’s legendary Foundation-series to continue with Mephisto after Klaus Mann.
After settling in, we go for some real Greek coffee, fresh orange juice and pancakes. A cat with blue pearls around the neck keeps an eye on us and we meet him/her later on the street.
flying again
a walk to Kallitsos

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