flying again

Back in the cycle of the bad flying habit.
When we know that something is bad but continue to do it then we haven’t really understood, right? Or is flying just too easy and too cheap? Compared to slower modes of travel, the prices are certainly not in proportion, presumed that society values time.
Anyone can google the negative impact and the tiny steps taken to mend some of it. Most of what is being done looks more like fake action. We also take tiny steps and shed fake tears. It has been more than two years since my last flight. This time we take only hand luggage and we are slim. Less effort to lift us up and set back on the ground in Athens International Airport. The Greek border guards don’t care much about our vaccination passports.
Continuing underground, the metro brings us to Piraeus, the port suburb of Athens. People smoke a lot in the street restaurants, which is mildly annoying.
arrival in Serifos

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