a circle around the island

Although the car rental shop is closed we manage to negotiate a car, get it from a street nearby and agree to leave it there in the evening together with the key.
Due to lack of concentration we take too much fuel and then consider it to be for supporting the island economy.
First stop is Panagia village, known for fresh water and a dragon cave. Water comes from the mountains and flows nicely through the village. The dragon lives in the outskirts of the village, at the other end of a picturesque path. In the cave we first notice dozens of long-legged spiders on the walls and then some bats that get excited and start to fly around. We recon it wiser to stop our dragon search and leave the cave to all these creatures. On our way back we eat some wild grapes and dewberries from the old walls.
Next to Aliki beach is an ancient marble quarry. Marble for building the Halicarnassus mausoleum came from here. Interesting rectangular shapes under the water. A big part of the peninsula has been chewed away. Smell of pines and salt hangs in the air. We use the opportunity to slip into water from the blocks or marble left there, only have to be careful not to step on sea urchins.
The tear-shaped Giola lagoon is not as beautiful as it looked on the pictures. Foggy water, three anglers, a few round-looking families and plenty of cigarette stubs. We take a picture and leave.
In Megalos Prinos village we only find an old man who is talking to himself. Not even cats walk around.
the second day
a reading day

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