introduction to the island

Kavala has appeared and is smeared over the seaside hills.
Each piece of breakfast has been carefully packaged in a separate bag. Ouch.
Viki in the reception comes from Thassos and considers it her duty to explain the island to us. The season is over and there's no food, only three restaurants are still open. The water is cold. Nothing to do there without a car. Maybe we like to walk? Indeed. Having heard that we actually plan to go swimming (because we are from Estonia),  she gives us a box of local sweets. Well, food problem delayed.
The ferry goes to Skala Prinos but we live in Limenas. The bus only goes after an hour. Luckily there's a taxi, cash only. The driver explains that the island is based on olives and tourists. And bees and four types of marble. It looks the same all over. So we have already seen it all.
The hotel is in an undisclosed location. The pin is dropped in a parking lot. No answer on the phone. The Albanian girl in the nearest restaurant has never heard of the place. Looking at the pictures made from the balcony, we figure our the correct house and already the hostess is waving up there. All the three open restaurants are located below our balcony. The accommodation includes a basket of pomegranates.
Going for a short walk we meet the local cats and find out that shops are closed on Sunday. Back in the room it turns out that the music from downstairs nicely covers the birds and our own thoughts. I escape inside. There murmurs the fridge. Maybe the restaurant will be closed tomorrow.
On the other side of the harbor are some broken columns and some other ancient building material. Over it tower four yellow plane trees, marble is covered in colorful lichen. Ants are having a party.
Grilled fish for dinner.
the second day

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