from Heltermaa to Säärenina

First day is easy.
It has a bit more paved road that I imagined but I guess there was no other way. We first climb over a fence and cross a meadow. Various birds can be heard all around. Near Kallaste cliff we see a fox and then have a picnic at Remmelko camp site. It’s brand new and quite nice.
Later we meet a viper and a yellow butterfly escorts us for a while. A break near Hellamaa old mill.
Kuri village cemetery is full of liverworts. The water canister in the back of the cemetery is empty. No season yet. If cemeteries have seasons. We spot a well in a yard. No-one is home so we serve ourselves. „Kuri“ means „evil“ in Estonian, so all the signs look funny for Estonian speakers. Evil street, evil community house, evil church. But it’s clearly not an evil place.
A detour to Säärenina camp site. Just because I like it there.
We have walked about 24 km.
from Säärenina to Lehtma

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