from Leemeti to Kassari

A lot of birds today.
I’m happy to be able to identify most of them. Practiced for a year in order to do that. Ticks are awake as well. Toilet at Tihu camp site has been hit by a tree. The lake nearby is full of moor frog song. Anemones have started blossoming overnight. We see two mosquitoes.
In Orjaku port there’s a restaurant called iiUmekk (taste of Hiiumaa, kind of). We intend to ask some water and maybe coffee but get a free meal and a big fish for barbecue. Plus a nice chat.
So we arrive at Kassari village camp ground when sun has already set. Originally I wanted to go to Sääretirp where there’s the RMK camp site with a nice walk along the tip of the peninsula but since it’s dark anyway we decided to stay put a bit sooner. We locate a fireplace, gather some wood in the dark and grill the fish. Delicious.
39 km today.
from Kaleste to Leemeti
from Kassari to Heltermaa

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