from Kaleste to Leemeti

Forest through most of the day. We see asphalt only during road crossings.
In addition, there’s heavy liverwort carpet in the forest and hikers have to tiptoe around the flowers. Today we climb the highest point of Hiiumaa, the Tower Hill (Tornimägi). It has a tower, of course. Kõpu lighttower. Closed. In the summer there’s a café next to it. We spot a water tap on the Kõpu village hall but do not check if it works.
Later we meet a grass snake. After making an eight shape and flashing his/her tiny black tongue, the creature hurries off into the grass.
While crawling under a tree that has fallen on the trail, I find some wood sorrel. Nice, it’s good against scurvy. Picnics in the moss, we have some pate for today.
The river Vanajõgi is pleasant to see both from above and up close. A deer escapes from the valley.
For tonight we have booked the Leemeti forest hut and take our time in the sauna. An unwashed hiker might start to stink at some point.
Around 30 km today.
from Kalurikoja to Kaleste
from Leemeti to Kassari

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