12 days on a horse

It took us twelve days to ride from Song-kul lake to Issyk-kul lake.
Through grassy hills and rolling landscape, only occasionally meeting some shepherds and once passing a market. Sometimes following a track, sometimes just aiming for the next valley. We had two days of cold rain and some mornings there was frost on grass and tent.
The two guides, Kuban and Khanat, knew the way, prepared us meals three times a day and told stories about life in Kyrgyzstan.
Some climbs, passes with snow. The horses sensed the ground very well, although there were places where I would have liked to walk. Horses like flies ascending and descending on nearly vertical ground.
There were marmots, mice, sheep and yaks. Flowers of all kinds that forced Kuban and Khanat to make us wreaths.
Washing in cold rivers we knew that a hot water spring awaits us on day 8. The 'spa' was rather provisionary, roof attached with duck tape, water boiling hot.
Finally in Baraskoon, the horses got their vacation and we walked the remaining five kilometers to Issyk-kul for a short swim. Through someone's field who was waving happily nearby. And then accidentally hitchhiked back to the village.
leisure time at Song Kul
around the lake

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