leisure time at Song Kul

We spend three days at Song Kul lake where there are a few yurts and a family who offers food, sleep and occasional hot water for some soms.
Basically we do nothing. Climb a hill, sit on the grass, look around. Sunshine, rain, hail, thunder and sunshine again. The light is magical most of the time. Lot of stars in the night. It's supposed to be the coldest place in Kyrgyzstan.
The food is delicious.
Some French arrive and leave. They drink only calvados to cure existing and coming stomach problems.
Then finally we drive to Kumdu Suu and against all odds find two guys with horses and tents. Kuban is cook, interpreter and horseman, Khanat is the guide. Kuban speaks English, Khanat speaks Russian.
 The itinerary says that today we are suppose to meet our horses. Ishen's brother Rush arrives and takes our backpacks to Baraskoon. All things have to fit in the saddle bags.
on the way to Song Kul
12 days on a horse

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