on the way to Song Kul

My subornness made us, my sister and me, want to do the horse trek from Song Kul towards Issyk Kul. Usually it is done the opposite direction. The instruction about the meeting point explained this.
Hello Anneli,
My team will wait for you on Aug. 18 at the east-south side of Song Kol. We will reach Song Kol through Kalmak-Ashuu Pass. Our team will arrive and make a camp next to the road, near the place called OTF with few old remnants of some buildings. You can see this clearly on the map. It's about 10 km. before the bridge you will cross the river running out from the lake towards Jan Bulak village.
My team will drive the horses by truck and I think they will be at the meeting point at the latest afternoon of Aug.18.
 You start your 12 days horse trk on Aug. 19 to Barskoon then.
 I think it will be the best if we meet in Bishkek or airport and see the map together.
I hope you have the map of Song Kol and the region. I will bring mine too. Then we will know exactly where to meet eachother.
Hope the rest is well there.
Talk to you again.
my bests.

Well. Sounds nice.
We start with Aeroflot on Friday 13th. Moscow is on fire.
Ishen's son waits for us in the airport and marks the meeting point on our map. It is somewhere. Then he gets us on a minibus to Naryn. We sleep most of the journey.
In Naryn we find a hotel where water enters our room from the bathroom and the sister of the girl in the restaurant lives in Estonia.
Some bargaining in the bus station in the morning. I manage to make 4000 som from the initial offer of 9000 som. All in Russian, surprising myself. The driver Katshyn tells us stories and is proud of his car.
In Kazarman there's news that we cannot go to Saimaluu Tash to see the petroglyphs because rain and floods have carried away a crucial bridge. The new plan is to spend these few days at Song Kul.
leisure time at Song Kul

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