It's not that easy

It is not easy to leave. Gets more difficult every time.
Yesterday a sales-boy in the shop spoke to tourists in English and then chose Icelandic to contact me. I wanted to do a small victory dance.
In the taxi to the airport I concentrate on not wanting to go away. Ég vil ekki fara burt. But be careful with what you wish for. Voila, the airplane can't take off from Reykjavík because of thick fog and rain. Next information after one and a half hour that is half past ten. Then next information quarter to six. Americans write down Fjällräven and take my contacts to ask more about gear and Hornstrandir. About time that Fjällräven starts to pay me for this.
We team up with two French, a Thai and a Malay for renting a car. The rental car lady looks a bit worried watching how we play tetris with our backpacks around the car and then fold ourselves into the car like an Indian family. It begins a five hour drive to the capital through dreamy foggy landscape. And starting from Holmavík through absurdly sunny landscape for clashing with a rain-cloud again in Reykjavík.
In order to sleep longer I had planned to eat breakfast in Reykjavík. The question what to do a whole day in the capital has also been solved.
At six I'm in the metropolis. Leave my big bag into a locker in the bus station, direction bookstore. Next to me starts a small airplane that probably goes to Ísafjörður to come back without me.
loitering in Ísafjörður

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