Is it wrong to read “Evening textbook of math” in the morning?
Melrakkaslétta, arctic fox plain, is the most deserted place in Iceland. If not geographically then mentally it is as far from Reykjavik as you can get on the island.
I make a test excursion. It starts to rain and I return inside.
In the afternoon rain stops against all odds and that gives me an opportunity to circle the peninsula. On the circle are places and things.
Rauðinúpur is ancient volcano crater that has red rock on one side and two stone towers next to it. One with birds, one without. Strong wind. Rains starts again.
Rifstangi is an abandoned place 68 meters north compared to Hraunhafnartangi, the northernmost place on Iceland mainland. Since things are not entirely clear with these so I have to visit the Arctic Circle but it will happen in a few days.
I have acclimatized. 15 degrees Celsius is a very warm weather and warm underwear seems totally unnecessary.
Huge blocks of stone have been erected on the edge of Raufarhöfn, the most northern located Icelandic town. They should be connected with the position of Sun somehow. Sun has made a narrow orange strip on the horizon.
When I enter from the open café door then the place discovers that it has actually already been closed for three minutes. Hotel restaurant is open. In it are two men, talking. One persuades the other not to order any more drinks which ends with him buying a bottle of vodka as soon as his companion has left.
still Melrakkaslétta

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