still Melrakkaslétta

Although Melrakkaslétta is mostly flat plain are here also some higher landforms.
In the morning all drizzle has gathered there. Sky and water are evenly grey. I go back to where the road is balancing on a thin line between the sea and ponds. Somewhere there goes a trail inside the peninsula.
Someone has driven a vehicle over the moss and gone somewhere. Some time ago. In addition have sheep and horses walked here. Lagoon stays behind me and soon only colorful moss, some rocks and silence are in every direction. Everything is nicely mild, landscape, wind and clouds. Nothing is trying desperately to impress the traveler or sweep her off her feet.
I walk six kilometers, sit on a rock and walk back. On the other side of the car is a lagoon. I scare a flock of duck away.
Two Dutch people have moved in to the hostel and filled the hallway with bags of food.
I learn how to convert numbers from decimal system into binary system and vice versa.
Ásbyrgi canyon

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