once more Ásbyrgi

Isosceles non-equilateral triangles without one side fly towards south.
I drive back to Ásbyrgi in order to look at the canyon from inside.
Inside the hoof print is as always a higher part. Here is it called Eyjan or island. I have to admit that the view from here is not as impressive as from the other side, from the center of the hoof. But enough for sandwich and tea pause.
Below it is possible to walk from one side through the forest until the pond and back over a more bare area from the other side. The forest is multicolored, silent and full of birds and van Gogh style trees. At the pond is also quiet until a group of Polish tourists arrive. In addition arrives wind and takes reflections from the stones.
Later there’s the option to go to the small village swimming pool, sit in hot water and look how grayish-blue clouds stroll over the sky.
Ásbyrgi canyon

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