It is raining. A good day for driving.
I go to Húsavík, the suicide and whale watching capital of Iceland.
Bring four books from the bookstore. A sign says that starting from September it is not allowed anymore to give a free bag with the purchase. A paper or textile bag costs 10 krona, a plastic bag 20 krona. Reasonable. Then I eat here and there and read. I need to wait until a local Estonian whom I know from internet finishes working. Later it comes out that he was not at work at all.
I move into a room where everything has been set ready for me like in a hotel. Stuff the washing machine full. We go to explore the local sights which are a thick white fog up a mountain, a restaurant by the sea, a waterfall, a hot spring, greenhouses and grocery store. Briefly we return home in order to eat meat soup that fills a huge pot. Some of it is left for the host for later. The last entertainment of the day is spa where one can sit in hot water, drink cold beer and let it rain on one’s head. Late night chatter session draws on into the night.
once more Ásbyrgi

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