No hurry in the morning so there’s time to chat and exchange books.
I manage to eat part of the food we bought yesterday.
Today is almost all of the landscape visible except for odd remains of clouds that dangle between mountains. I turn to Vaglaskógur where one of the biggest forest areas of Iceland is. No-one in the parking lot. First I stroll along the path marked with pink color and then the one marked with blue. Forest smells of fallen leaves and decaying wood. Thrusts fly off from the side of the road. This is not the kind of forest where it would be enough to stand up when lost. Trees are many times higher than me.
Driving to Akureyri I avoid the tunnel as recommended and go instead through reddish-brown mountains. Inland glowing clouds watch over snow-capped peaks. In Akureyri I make a break and during that buy three books, chicken salad in Indian style and coffee.
The day ends in Dalvík, in a half-basement floor of a living house a little outside of the village. A family accommodates tourists there. Tomorrow a ferry goes from here to Grímsey where internet is forecasted but food is not.
going to Grímsey island

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