from Dettifoss to Vesturdalur

Together with the run from Dettifoss to Ásbyrgi we start walking the same distance, only we intend to do it for two days.
First we check out the big waterfalls, Dettifoss and Selfoss. Leaving the tourists and falling water behind, we get cold spray on us for ths first half of a kilometer. A cloud points to waterfalls along the river.
Plants are all gone, we walk between and on rocks. When greenery starts to return then alpine lady’s mantle is the first. Rocks are arranged in a fashion that awakes a lot of curiosity. How did all this happen and why?
After the big waterfalls come the small ones. These are usually lined with light green moss and angelica. Then follow basalt columns is many sizes and angles.

The campsite in Vesturdalur is a nice grassy area with loud speaking Icelandic people. So here they are.

from Vesturdalur to Ásbyrgi

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