from Vesturdalur to Ásbyrgi

Someone has stolen our table in the night.
A girl comes to collect money for camping. General packing is happening all over the place and within an hour the campsite turns into an ordinary meadow. Sun is shining and it looks like another hot day.
The trail begins with a lovely stream, then we see strangely formed basalt columns and a red mountain. A thrush runs in front of us for some time, pointing the way. Later we suspiciously eye a pair of arctic skua who can be very agressive if one happens to be near their nest.
It gets windy near the horseshoe canyon and dark clouds start to gather behind us. My faith into Icelandic weather forecasting increases even more. It starts to drizzle when we sit into the car.
Since our accommodation wants cash, we go through Húsavík and also take a meal, a book from the bookshop and some food from Nettó. Someone has sent me a message in Instagram, asking if it’s me who’s coming to stay there and wheather I know that I have to pick up the key from Víðiker. Quite a detective. I had no idea about the Víðiker thing. We’ll get the key. So this is where Icelandic-speaking people are hiding.
It turns out that we have rented a farm house. Sun comes out briefly and meadows around the hpuse turn golden. Later it starts to rain heavily and the wind shakes the house. This weather was what I wanted to escape from, to be in a house rather than in a tent.
from Dettifoss to Vesturdalur

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