still in Bárðardalur

Rain in the morning.
No need to get up, no need to go anywhere. A book and coffee.
Later the sky clears a bit and we go to have a look at a lake nearby. Svartársvatn, black river lake. The farm by the lake, Svartárkot, would have been the end of our Askja trail. No we have seen the beginning (Herðubreið mountain which was visible at Dettifoss) and the end.
Wind and low forest, about ankle-deep. Mostly Betula nana sprinkled with some flowers. Sheep keep an watchful eye on us. Two whooped swans gracefully leave. On our way back we cannot find the yoghurt cup anymore that we planned to take away from the sheep. They had gathered rain water in it. Good-looking purple clouds in the west again.
through Akureyri

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