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Scandinavian e-commerce is wonderful.
When Norwegians send the map together with the bill then Finns send the map with a notice that the bill will be sent separately. Obviously they have no experience with a common Estonian payment-disabled person. They can not get those experiences from me unfortunately and have to keep on living wearing pink  glasses.
Anyway. From Finland I've got two handfuls of maps, some of them two copies of the same thing and most of them not needed. They have been over-enthusiastic writing down the numbers on With Norwegians it's more interesting. The numbers of maps announced by Finns are from the same area but not from the trail itself. Of course, I like maps, especially when they have nice names like Cuolbmanjunni or Nierravarnurki or Roavvecohkka written on them but the only help has been that from the cover I've been able to find out the necessary maps and the Norwegian authority, issuing these: Statens Kartverk. From their homepage there are also websites of some map-selling stores listed. In the year 2012 a renewal of maps has started but they haven't got to the area yet that I'm interested in. Well, the 'old' necessary maps (2335-3 ja 2334-4) can be bought here.
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